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Bitget X RED Token AMA

Bitget X RED Token AMA

Could you begin by introducing yourself and telling us about your background? @RED_TOKEN_Hara

Hi everyone Im Yasuo, the CEO of FIDA and TEG.

So Until now, my career has mainly been in real estate and finance.

My first job was working for a Japanese company called Recruit, where I was able to make connections with many influential people, and then struck out on my own and started my own business, gaining experience in hotel development, real estate and real estate funding.

Many people in Japan, especially the younger generation, are feeling stuck. I’ve felt this way in my own career and I’ve made it my life’s goal to empower young people in Japan to get free and move forward. While searching for ways to achieve this goal, I was lucky enough to get a call from Tokyo Tower about this project.

Tokyo Tower is an iconic symbol of Japan and of Tokyo that is known by people all over the world, and it is also a symbol of broadcasting and connection to the digital world. I believe we could establish Tokyo Tower as the headquarters for the growing movement of next-generation entertainment and eSports. It will be the focal point to collect the best content that Japan has to offer and share it with the world both digitally and in real life.

Thank you Yasuo for your general introduction at the beginning!

Let’s move on to the segment 1 of our AMA: Introduction QA

Q1: Could you give us an overview of the RED TOKEN project and what it is all about?

This project is centered on RED°TOKYO TOWER, one of Japan's largest e-sports parks in Tokyo Tower, and aims to provide new and unprecedented content to everyone through collaboration with various IPs and efforts to produce new creators and players in the future.

This project aims to create the "next generation of entertainment" by utilizing RED TOKEN, which uses blockchain technology.

This model is created based on the merging of experiences in the real facility and the digital world and in the future we plan to connect to the metaverse as well.

Not many Web 3 projects have a physical facility so our biggest differentiator is being able to leverage the iconic symbol of Tokyo Tower as our Facility location and combine that with high tech games and blockchain tech.

Q2. What problems does your project seek to solve that others can’t now?

We are approaching the solution of two problems.

The first is to create new content through a new approach from Japan.

Japan is known for producing and exporting very high quality content to the world, mainly in the form of animation and games, and the world expects and needs this content.

However, while the quality of the world's content continues to improve, with the world's government and private sector working together to create content for the global market, the way Japan creates content, positions itself as a creator, and communicates to the world remains the same as before. In gaming, Japan lags behind the newly emerging e-sports trends, and its presence is declining.

We will combine IP and creators gathered by the centripetal force of Tokyo Tower through community fundraising through tokens, etc., and support creators to launch and disseminate their projects to the world.

Specifically, we will send out content to the world with a global standard sales and marketing strategy while maintaining the core quality of Japanese content.

The second is to provide new ways to play and next-generation entertainment experiences utilizing tokens.

We believe that despite the proliferation of digital technology, both online and offline, the way we play games at events and attractions in real facilities and online has not changed significantly.

We will build on this behavior to create a more enjoyable RED token consumption experience for fans.

The model will then be expanded to real facilities in other iconic locations and online and later a metaverse for further global expansion.

By linking RED token consumption with next-generation entertainment, both real and virtual, we will build an economic sphere centred on RED tokens and provide next-generation entertainment experiences.

Thanks for sharing! I bet we have lots of audience members interested in learning more about your project!

Q3: What is the project's unique feature that helps address these problems?

Our strength in creating new content is "Tokyo Tower".

Because Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Japan and Tokyo, it attracts creators, and we can say that the content created there is representative of Japan, and we can transmit this to the approximately 3 million annual visitors (pre-Corona numbers).

There is only one Tokyo Tower, and this is an approach that only we can take, and it is our greatest strength.

And in fact, we have already realized that we are able to attract powerful creators simply by virtue of the iconic nature of us being located in Tokyo Tower.

Next, our strengths in providing next-generation entertainment experiences are "RED TOKEN" and "RED°TOKYO TOWER".

As I mentioned earlier, we believe that new ways to play in the future will require a blockchain-based token system as a base.

We have already issued RED TOKEN and listed it on 9 several crypto asset exchanges, and RED TOKEN will be listed on three additional crypto asset exchanges on October 31, including Bitget.

We are already operating one of the largest e-sports parks in Japan, RED°TOKYO TOWER, which will become a place to actually use and enjoy the RED TOKEN.

Have a really great vision👍.

Q4: What specific progress has been made on the project? Could you describe what milestones the project has reached so far, what future goals you are aiming for and when you expect to reach them?

The biggest milestone is the the real facility, Japan’s largest esports park, RED° TOKYO TOWER (5,660 ㎡), opened in April 2022. In addition, an area for kids and a RED° cafeteria were successfully opened in July.

We also launched the original RED° wallet in August

We are planning to create an exchange system to trade Red Tokens for NFTs

We are also in the process of developing the RED° Tokyo Tower future art gallery, where we support many artists to display their works to the world.

We will also release some information soon on RED° original IPs and new facility development

Cool there are so many good news you have mentioned. Sounds great! 🤞

Q5: I understand that the real facilities are already attracting users, but what are your plans to acquire more crypto and non-crypto users? What is your marketing strategy?

We plan to collaborate with IPs, gather the general public interested in our services and crypto users interested in RED tokens at events including AMAs, and build a community around Discord.

Collaboration with IPs can also be used to attract fans to RED°TOKYO TOWER through merchandise development and events.

In addition, we will try to gather fans around the dissemination of original IP content.

We will start an initiative to turn the 5,660 square meter RED°TOKYO TOWER into an NFT art museum in November with events other than AMA, and NFT projects and artists from all over the world will be coming to Tokyo Tower in increasing numbers.

We have received many inquiries from NFT projects and artists around the world, and we are excited to bring new projects to you from Tokyo Tower.

If you have not been to Tokyo Tower recently, please come to Tokyo Tower in November or later.

We will also be hosting a series of talks and conferences on various cryptocurrency topics at Tokyo Tower to introduce non-crypto users to the world of crypto in a more accessible way.

Very detailed explanation.

Q6: So you will continue to gather more and more crypto and non crypto users, great! What are the use cases of RED Token?

Symbolic examples include.

RED TOKEN and RED° TOKYO TOWER's exchange for NFT entrance tickets and NFT event tickets, and

We are considering exchanging goods at RED°TOKYOTOWER's official store and E-Commerce.

In addition to this, we also envision using RED TOKEN in the form of support to nurture content creators for new IP development.

Exchanged NFT tickets and NFT event participation rights as proof of engaged consumption behavior for entertainment, etc.

The RED TOKEN and NFT will be used to enable participation in more special events and experiences.

This will also provide fans with the opportunity to enjoy collectibles.

and we are strategizing so that in the future RED Token will be utilized in the metaverse.

Thank you for being here. Have a nice day!