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Bitget Internal AMA with MarsDAO

Bitget Internal AMA with MarsDAO

Hello everyone! I'm Lyn, the host of AMA today. I am also the Operation Manager of Bitget English Telegram Community.

To help you learn better about the current marketplace and the relationship between Bitget and our KOL - MarsDAO, here we are holding an AMA in the Bitget English Telegram Community.

Q: Hello MarsDAO team Mike! Hello Arina! Would you like to introduce yourselves to us first?

A: Hi everyone! We are Mike and Arina, business development managers at MarsDAO.

We are focusing on seeking early-stage startups to fundraise by our community, other advanced communities to make collaborations and increasing utility for our token.

Q1: Funds left on exchanges, especially centralized exchanges, are at risk?

A1:This question has no clear answer as the crush still continues. The most fragile exchanges tend to ruin, but those that focus on customers will survive. Bitget is a trustworthy exchange cuz it is always focused on its customers especially the 24H customer service and rapid reaction after the FTX incident.

Also, as you know, we have our own project called MarsDAO. According to our roadmap in the white paper we are consistently outperforming as some important decisions have been made: we decided to launch a few more useful products that are significant for our supporters and users even though they have not been included in the roadmap initially.

Therefore, as each successful and rapidly growing company in the crypto space we are adapting to market trends, conditions and user engagement to be up to date and provide the best service anybody has.

Q2: Would now be the right time to start buying averaging entries for our favorite coins?

A2:Buying small amounts of crypto may take place for risk-loving investors to average entries, but there may be a case that market has not achieved local minimum.

Q3: For the Crypto Investors who don’t want to actively trade, how can we increase profits during a bear market?

A3:They may participate in community airdrops, earn interest in DeFi tools such as by staking or farming. For long-term strategy some individuals invest small amounts in early-stage startups in launchpads and community raise platforms.

Q4: In view of the FTX incident, what do you think of it? And why do you think that Bitget is a trustworthy exchange for you to cooperate with?

A4:FTX crush has outlined the fragility of unworthy market agents whose priority is not their users but the yield on investment. Now investors and users will focus on the projects’ fundamental value and the strategy of eliminating any types of risks. Early-stage startups now lack funding due to investors’ issues with liquidity and more mature projects with proven traction and financials will be chosen.

Concerning exchanges, everybody will move to more secure ones that have a proof of reserve mechanism and the best reputation throughout their lifetime. We are excited about partnering with BitGet as we consider them as a secure and customer oriented CEX that has secured in terms of legal compliance, users’ funds and user-friendly experience.

Q5: Besides, you have your own community and Twitter for your fans and followers, right? Could you please briefly introduce something like the development of your project MarsDAO, and share the links with us so that if there is any update on the marketplace or your project, our group members will be quick to get that.

A5: Sure! Our main goal and mission are to help people navigate the demanding FinTech and Blockchain environment, monetize their knowledge and facilitate the transition into the world of digital assets. We aim to provide crypto sphere users with the necessary tools and knowledge, and thus bring mass adoption closer.

We have launched more than 15 products so far and a few more are in the final stages of development. Thus, we educate people in the academy, learn how the crypto market works by playing financial TTM board games, organize offline networking events for and fundraise for prosperous early-stage startups by members of our private investment club and so on.




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Thank you guys for being here. Have a nice day!