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Bitget Insights Internal AMA

Bitget Insights Internal AMA

Hello everyone! I'm Lyn, the host of AMA today. I am also the Operation Manager of Bitget English Telegram Community.

Better trading, better life! This is the initial purpose of Bitget. We have officially launched our new "Insights" feature for the Bitget app. Users can now browse high quality trading related content from the Bitget team on the "Insights" page. You can also read posts from guest writers who we've invited from the Bitget community to post their own stories or articles related to trading.

To officially announce the launching of our brand new feature - “Bitget Insights” and better introduce it to our global Bitgetters, here we are holding an AMA in the Bitget English Telegram Community.

Firstly we have prepared a special pre-heat event for you guys. Cheer up everybody!
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As we know currently, Bitget Insights is a trading community for traders that not only collects topics, information, research, and trading opportunities, but also allows traders to share ideas and thoughts. It's a Socia l Trading community that you won't leave once you get started.

I believe that many of our audiences are quite interested in this field. So today it's my pleasure to invite FireBao, Bitget Insight Product Manager as our speaker, to bring us more professional and detailed information.

A: Hello FireBao! Would you like to introduce about yourself and the general idea of Bitget Insights to us first

Q: As you know, Bitget is the world's largest and first crypto Social Trading platform, which has not only a powerful Strategy Plaza, but also a low-threshold one click copy trading platform. This provides an agreeable Social Trading environment for common traders. However, in the whole chain, there is no platform for traders to export their inspiration, thinking and review. Bitget Insights intends to build a trading-based community in the new form that allows traders' discussions to flow, promotes multilateral dialogue, and forms an open communication matrix. At the same time, it allows the entire Social Trading loop to be realized on one platform.

As the world's first platform that perfectly integrates trading communities into trading products, Bitget will take Bitget Insights as the base to promote dialogue and communication between traders and quality assets, DAO organizations, research institutions, media, etc. And it will continue to introduce Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit communities, achieving the cross-platform linkage. Eventually it will realize the one-stop service from interaction to communication and then to transaction.

The prospect of Bitget promoting Social Trading platform is to make interaction easy, make communication happen at any time, and make trading opportunities not be missed. Bitget Insights is a solid step forward based on this prospect.

Thank you FireBao! Now is the most important segment: Introduction QA🔥to help you learn more about “Bitget Insights”.

Q1: What was your original intention to develop Insights function? Why do you start this function?
A1: This is a very good question. Over the years, crypto-based discussions have been around telegram discord reddit and Twitter, but we have found those to be flawed communities, as all messages are sent equally and there is no effective filtering of posters and messages.

Let's give an example. A trading expert with ten years of investment experience and with an excellent investment record will not be distinguished from a rookie or even an invalid account when they both make comments in a traditional community. Traders lack a tool to identify whether they can use those trading views as reference or not.

Virtually speaking, this is the unique advantage of Bitget, a Social Trading platform. The trading history, the trading achievements and the trading influence that traders have accumulated in the copy trading function help us to build an image of integrity.

Bitget Insights provides an excellent platform for traders to accumulate their credit assets, reveal their trading ideas and expand their influence. It also provides a useful source of information for average traders to discover information, filter opinions and make better trades.

Our original intention is to make trading information acquisition more effective and precise. Bitget Insights aims to build a healthy trading community for traders who are eager to learn and communicate. We are constantly striving to assist you in your decision making and optimize your trading.

Lyn: Have a really great vision.

Q2: During the function development, was everything going according to your plan? Were there any technical barriers? How did you deal with them?

A2: From planning to launching, the whole process consumes great energy. It was a completely original and innovative product, because we didn't have any template to refer to.

Our biggest challenge was how to constantly present quality information in a community to improve the “signal-to-noise” ratio of the community. We also needed to identify and mark those comments with strong utilitarian and misleading features that influence the community. The core challenge of the entire project was to ultimately build the community into a healthy and communicative platform.

We had made multiple attempts, and finally we found a very good idea. That was, to identify and mark the user's historical trading behavior and trading achievements, and different users got different weights, so that the trading data became the cornerstone of the community. This is also the unique advantage that distinguishes Bitget from traditional communities.

However, in the early stage, we will still base on the invitation system and a more stringent community review environment and big data capabilities to make it pass the budding stage. This phase will help the community to form a unique culture and value orientation. We believe all this is crucial for Bitget Insights.

We have recently invited very high quality kol, media and traders to try out the Bitget Insight product at scale and get agreeable feedback results, which is the basis of our confidence to open our platform to more users. We believe that our efforts over the past have not been in vain, and we also believe that this product will provide value to more traders.

Lyn: Thanks to all these above information, I believe that BITGET community members now have a clearer idea and understanding of Bitget Insights

Q3: Any pain points of this function would you like to solve currently?

A3: Bitget Insights is a community product of trading type, and if we talk about the core pain points, they are undoubtedly from the huge desire of all traders for wealth codes and trading opportunities, which is the core point of the whole community driven product.

However, in a gaming market, we also found another hidden demand, that is, to erase the loneliness of traders. Facing such a brutal market requires not only skill and ability, but also confidence. Bitget Insights is a product that in fact builds a trading-focused community, allowing users to communicate and share with each other, and at the same time forming the public awareness and confidence of the segmented group. It eliminates investor's anxiety, lets traders know they are not alone, and ultimately creates a good ecological community of investors.

We have developed different forms of segmented community filtering tools including tags, topics, assets, etc., so that information can be more effectively organized and used, providing a perfect environment for building a Social Trading community of thousands of people.

Lyn: Thanks for sharing!

Q4: What’s the difference between Insights and (the other functions like Social Trading Platform)? Any highlights?

A4: The core difference between Bitget Insights and similar products is that it's not an asset-based community, but a trader-focused Social Trading community of which the ultimate goals are profit and return on investment.

This is a very interesting difference. Many users like to communicate in discord, but if you have been in the community for a year or two, you will find that the community is not integral, because the basis of the community is to serve the project side to issue assets. It's an one-way output community of information, not a product designed with a trader's or investor's perspective. This limitation is inherent and cannot be broken.

In addition, based on Bitget's entire Social Trading platform, the discussion on a wide variety of assets including spot, futures, and options, investment methods and trading tools will become more profound and efficient.

Bitget Insights makes trading easier.

Lyn: Cool, there is so much good news you have mentioned. Sounds great! 🤞

Q5: What role does Insights play in Bitget?

A5: The core competitiveness for Bitget's rise is the differentiation. And the most crucial capability of Bitget over the years is the ability to always create quality products that are ahead of the industry.

The most important value of Insights to serve Social Trading is the realization of high speed flow of community behavior and trading behavior without barriers. It will help traders become better individuals, enable the investor community to build a stronger consensus, and ultimately drive Bitget to be among the Top trading platforms in the world.

Thank you guys for being here. Have a nice day!