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Fixed-term Earn Product Services Agreement

Before purchasing fixed-term earn products (hereinafter referred to as "Fixed-term Earn"), please carefully read all the terms of the Agreement for Fixed-term Earn Product Services (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") and fully understand the content of this Agreement and its terms. If you have any questions about the content of this Agreement, please do not proceed to the next step.

By using Bitget’s platform ("we/platform/Bitget") services, confirming through the web page or accepting this Agreement in any other way, you are deemed to have fully understood all the terms of this Agreement and agreed to enter into this Agreement with us.

Note: If you have any doubts or objections about the content of this Agreement before agreeing to it, please contact us so that we can explain and clarify the Agreement to you, help you fully understand it, and assist you in making an independent decision on whether to accept this Agreement and use our services.

I. Disclaimer

1.1 Legal Disclaimer

Before using our services, please confirm that you are not a resident of the restricted areas of our service (including, but not limited to: the United States, the Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Crimea-Ukraine, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Zimbabwe). Please also confirm that your country or region allows you to use our services. Any legal risks and liabilities arising from the use of Bitget services in the user's country/region will be solely borne by the user due to the user's violation of local laws.

1.2 No Refunds

As stipulated in the Agreement, once the user's purchase is successful, replacement or refund will not be supported.

1.3 Force Majeure Risk Disclaimer

(1) If either party encounters a force majeure event that renders it impossible to fully or partially perform this Agreement or requires a delay in performing this Agreement, the event shall be notified to the other party in writing or electronically within 20 days of the occurrence of the force majeure event;

(2) The party suffering the force majeure event shall take all necessary measures to minimize losses and immediately resume performance of this Agreement after the event is eliminated, unless such performance is impossible or unnecessary;

(3) The term "force majeure" referred to in this Agreement means objective events that are unforeseeable, unavoidable, or insurmountable, including but not limited to natural disasters (such as floods, fires, explosions, lightning, earthquakes, and storms), social events (such as wars, riots, government regulation, national policies, sudden changes in laws, strikes, hackers, computer virus attacks, and technical adjustments by telecommunications departments), etc.

1.4 Agreement Revision

Considering the constant development and evolution of internet information services, the user agrees that Bitget has the right to modify the terms of this Agreement and notify the user of the modified Agreement through online publication or any other reasonable means. The user agrees to regularly and frequently visit the website to review the latest Agreement. After such modifications have been made, if the user does not agree to the latest Agreement, the user should abandon registration and stop using the services provided by Bitget. The user's continued use of the services provided by Bitget will be deemed as acceptance and agreement of the latest Agreement.

II. Definitions

2.1 T-Day: refers to a natural day calculated based on Singapore time.

2.2 Distributable earnings: refers to the benefits of the user's right to income from Bitget Earn operations, including but not limited to the following assets after deducting necessary expenses:

(1) Bitget Earn as a technical provider receives technical service fees generated by producing blocks from DPOS mechanism token income;

(2) Bitget Earn generates POS mining income as a POS mechanism token holder;

(3) Bitget Earn provides related technical services for other DApp projects and receives income;

(4) Distribution income from DeFi projects invested by Bitget Earn.

2.3 Fixed-term Earn: refers to earn products with fixed lock-up periods and can only be redeemed upon maturity.

2.4 Lock-up: the designated token in Bitget Earn is locked up.

2.5 Unlock: The locked tokens are unlocked and withdrawn to the spot account within the agreed time.

(1) Unlocking is also known as redemption. In general, locked mining currencies in the mining pool will be automatically transferred to the spot account upon expiration of the agreed/unlock time;

(2) Users can choose fixed-term/flexible products, fixed-term products cannot be redeemed in advance, whereas flexible products can be flexibly accessed;

(3) For special currencies, withdrawal needs to be based on the withdrawal time set by the rules of the chain.

III. User Representations and Warranties

3.1 The user hereby represents and warrants to us, and each time the user uses the service, such representation and warranty shall be deemed repeated, that:

(1) As an individual, the user is at least 18 years old and has the legal capacity to enter into a binding contract under applicable laws and regulations and the power to fulfill the user's obligations under this agreement.

(2) As a legal entity or organization, the user has all the legal capacity and authorization necessary to enter into this agreement, and the user's obligations under this agreement are binding on the user.

(3) The user's use of the services we provide does not violate or conflict with any applicable laws or any contract restrictions that have a binding effect on the user or the user's assets used when using our services. The user has not been subject to any economic sanctions by any relevant country, government, or international organization, including but not limited to the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, the US State Department, the UN Security Council, the EU, the UK Treasury, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority or the Singapore Monetary Authority.

(4) The user uses the service only for the user's own benefit, not on behalf of others, and there are no co-beneficiaries unless the user has obtained our prior approval.

3.2 Regarding the registration information and data provided by the user ("Registration Information"), the user agrees to:

(1) Provide legal, truthful, accurate, and complete Registration Information;

(2) Notify Bitget promptly of any changes to the Registration Information. If the Registration Information provided by the user is illegal, false, inaccurate, or incomplete, the user shall bear all corresponding responsibilities and consequences;

(3) Bitget reserves the right to impose certain restrictions on the account or suspend or terminate the user's use of Bitget services based on the Registration Information provided by the user, Bitget's compliance obligations, and internal risk control policies;

(4) Unless approved in writing by Bitget in advance, each user can only register one account on Bitget;

(5) For KYC (Know Your Customer) and/or anti-money laundering compliance purposes, Bitget has the right to require the user to provide identification and/or financial information about the account owner;

(6) When using certain features provided by Bitget, the user needs to enter the username and password. If the user cannot access the account due to reasons such as forgetting the password, Bitget has the right to request specific information, including but not limited to: identification, proof of residence, phone number/email verification, and any identifiable activity information on the website, such as transaction IDs, order numbers, withdrawal amounts, etc., to confirm the ownership of the account. The user promises not to share the username and/or password with others or allow any other third party to use the user's account. Bitget is not responsible for any consequences or losses resulting from the user's or any other third party's misuse of the user's account or password. If the user believes that the username and/or password has been disclosed to others or the account has been used without authorization, the user should immediately notify Bitget.

IV. Risk Notification

4.1 User understands and acknowledges that purchasing earn products and related services generated by the product operation involve risks. The risks listed in this section 4.1 are not exhaustive. These risks, as well as any other risks that may arise now or in the future, may result in the User being unable to obtain any return on investment, suffering financial losses, or even termination of the services we provide:

(1) Purchasing earn products and related services generated by the product operation carry potential financial, regulatory, and other risks. Before purchasing earn products and related services generated by the product operation, the User should confirm that they have sufficient knowledge and experience regarding blockchain technology, the functionality, and risks of the financial products. Any decision by the User to participate in any purchase of earn products and related services generated by the product operation should be based on independent investigation and/or consultation with professional advisers as the User deems necessary. Bitget assumes that the User is a professional who understands the risks associated with the relevant services when using this service. This agreement and any services provided by Bitget should not be construed as Bitget providing advice to the User.

(2) The value of any earn products provided by Bitget may be affected by many factors beyond Bitget's control, including but not limited to changes in earn product parameters/attributes, marke t price fluctuations, hardware obsolescence, and hardware amortization.

(3) Bitget will perform maintenance or upgrades on the system from time to time. The User confirms that they do not expect the services provided by Bitget to be continuous and uninterrupted. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, Bitget shall not be liable for any and all losses caused by the suspension and interruption of its system maintenance and upgrades.

(4) No form of identity verification or computer security technology is 100% secure. The User agrees to bear all risks related to hacker intrusion or identity theft.

(5) The User understands and agrees that Bitget reserves the right to publish, modify, and/or provide information related to services through its website, email, customer service phone, mobile phone messages, and other official channels. Bitget shall not be responsible for any information obtained through non-official Bitget channels. If the User has any doubts about the authenticity of information sent in Bitget's name, they should immediately contact us.

4.2 Prior to purchasing any of Bitget's earn products, the user should assess whether the earn product is suitable for their financial ability and risk preferences. By purchasing any of Bitget's earn products, the user acknowledges, understands, and accepts all risks associated with the mining, purchasing, selling, exchanging, and holding of earn products, including but not limited to:

(1) Large fluctuations in market prices: prices may sharply drop and even fall to zero;

(2) Transactions may take some time to be confirmed. Although the possibility is low, there is indeed a possibility that some transactions may never be confirmed. Unconfirmed transactions represent unfinished transactions;

(3) Transactions are irreversible: if the user sends any amount of funds to the wrong person or address, the user will not be able to revoke the transaction or retrieve the funds;

(4) If the user loses or forgets any PIN or password required to access and use the funds, the funds may be lost or inaccessible to the user;

(5) Blockchain technology may have inherent unknown technical flaws;

(6) Various countries/regions may enact and promulgate new laws, regulations, and policies that affect the performance of this agreement;

(7) Project risks: unknown contract vulnerabilities and hacker attacks on DeFi projects, project team leaving, and other risks.

V. Payment, Cancellation, Modification, and Refund of Orders

5.1 Users can use various payment methods supported by Bitget to purchase earn products.

5.2 Users are solely responsible for the accuracy of their payments, including but not limited to the destination account address (wallet address), transfer amount, and other payment details. Users shall bear all losses arising from erroneous payments caused by their mistakes (such as transferring funds to the wrong address), and Bitget reserves the right to require users to make correct payments before launching any earn products for them.

5.3 If the actual amount received by Bitget is less than the package fee required by Bitget, Bitget reserves the right to decide on the following before launching the corresponding earn product:

(1) Adjust the corresponding earn product accordingly to match the funds actually received by Bitget with the content of the earn product provided by Bitget;

(2) Refuse to launch the earn product ordered by the user until the user has paid the outstanding amount.

5.4 Due to the risk of delays in the confirmation of funds and delays by collaborating parties, the amount transferred by the user to Bitget may be delayed in being credited. Users agree that Bitget has the right to launch the corresponding earn product only after confirming that the full amount has been credited.

5.5 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, users acknowledge that all purchased earn products are final and non-exchangeable and non-refundable unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. Bitget reserves the right to decide on refunds, and if Bitget decides to offer refunds to individual users or specific earn products, it does not mean that Bitget is obligated to agree to the same or similar refunds in the future. This refund policy does not affect any statutory rights that may apply.

5.6 Subject to other provisions of this Agreement and applicable laws and regulations, if Bitget provides a refund under this Agreement, any additional fees incurred (such as fees charged by collaborating parties) shall be borne entirely by the user.