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Range Sniper User Agreement

Global Bitgetters,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you sign this agreement, read all terms carefully. By subscribing to Range Sniper wealth management products, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to this user agreement and know the risks involved.
Bitget has launched Range Sniper wealth management. Users who subscribe to this product agree to this user agreement by default. Before proper use or subscription of the product, users must read the following carefully:
I. Contents of the agreement
  1. Bitget allows users to purchase or subscribe to Range Sniper wealth management products and offers historical data and other services relevant to theRange Sniperd product. However, these do not indicate Bitget is encouraging customers to engage with the financial product. Users must make their own financial decisions and bear any risks associated with their investment decisions.
  2. When users use Range Sniper wealth management products and services, they authorize the use rights of their investment assets to Bitget and allow Bitget to make reasonable distribution and issuance according to the platform's rules.
  3. When using Range Sniper wealth management products and services, users should abide by national laws, ensure the legal compliance of the source of encrypted assets, and be prohibited from engaging in illegal acts such as money laundering.
  4. When using Range Sniper wealth management products and services, users should fully understand the risks of crypto asset investment, particularly that income cannot be guaranteed, and users must trade cautiously.
  5. By using Range Sniper wealth management products and services, users agree and unconditionally accept all latent risks and benefits from their investment decisions. Bitget does not assume any liability for compensation.
  6. Bitget will endeavor to solve problems such as slow execution, suspension, interruption, or deviation due to network delays, system failures, and other potential unforeseen factors. Even still, Bitget does not promise the stability and effectiveness of financial products system and execution.
  7. Bitget will not be held responsible for the final execution results of wealth management and investment services if they differ from the user's expectations due to the abovementioned force majeure factors.
  8. Users in the US, Singapore, and other specified regions are restricted from participating in this financial management series.
  9. Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Range Sniper User Agreement.
  10. Where there are discrepancies in translations of this user agreement, the English version shall prevail.
II. Risk warning
  1. Range Sniper wealth management products and services are related to financial derivatives such as stock options and have corresponding risks, so investors must be cautious.
  2. Past and current annualized information is for reference only and does not guarantee future performance or earnings. Backtested data does not equal the potential realized income of wealth management products.
  3. Any investment decision the user makes is based on the investor's judgment, and the user bears the risk of all their investment decisions.
III. Confirmation
I have read and fully understood the agreement's content and risk information about Range Sniper wealth management products and services. I fully acknowledge and accept the terms of this agreement.

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