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Assist2Earn promotion updated — invite friends and earn rewards together!

Assist2Earn promotion updated — invite friends and earn rewards together! image 0

From November 6, invite your friends via Assist2Earn and earn 20 USDT in trading bonuses. Your friends can also get 5 USDT in trading bonuses.

Where can I find the Assist2Earn promotion?

The brand-new promotion will be launched in June 2023. You can find the details by going to the Referral Program page, or by using this link:

How can I participate in the Assist2Earn promotion?

1. Registration: You will be automatical ly registered for the promotion when you visit the promotion page. After that, just share your Assist2Earn invitation link with your friends using the invitation button on the page.

2. Rewards: The Assist2Earn page will display the current promotion rewards , which are currently 20 USDT in trading bonuses. Bitget may change the rewards at any time, so stay tuned for even better rewards!

3. Earning rewards: Share your Assist2Earn invitation link with your friends from the page. Invite two friends to sign up and trade 50 USDT within 10 days.

4. Assistance period: After registration, you have ten days to collect the assistance. If your friends fail to assist you within ten days, you will not get any rewards. After you collect the assistance and get t he rewards, you will be eligible to visit the promotion page and participate again right away. Keep inviting friends to earn more rewards!

5. Referral rewards: Assist2Earn and the Referral Program are not mutually exclusive. As long as you and your friends meet the requirements of the promotions, you can receive rewards from both of them.

6. Reward distribution: Rewards will be distributed within 1–3 working days after all assists are completed. If you do not receive the rewards within 3 days, contact customer service.


1. Self-invitation: Attempting to earn rewards by inviting sock puppet accounts will disqualify you from receiving rewards. Bitget reserves the right to confiscate the offending accounts and any and all assets in those account s.

2. Sub-accounts are not eligible for the promotion. The data generated from sub-accounts will not contribute to their main accounts. These rules shall take effect when the promotion is launched. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the promoti on.