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Introduction to the Bitget Spot Market Maker Incentive Program

To enhance liquidity in the spot m arket and improve the trading experience for users, Bitget has launched a Spot Market Maker Incentive Program. We welcome market makers and trading teams to join and enjoy exclusive benefits.
  1. Industry-leading Maker fee rebates.
  2. Low entry threshold.
  3. Tier 1 fee rate in the first month upon application.
  4. Exclusive account benefits: Increased sub-account limit, Increase API rate limit, etc.
  5. One-on-one technical support.
  6. Special market maker bonus.
Spot MM Fee Tiers and Criteria:
Spot Maker Taker Trading Vol. (USDT) Rate Limit
Tier 1 -0.015% VIP Taker Maker Volume ≥ 10,000,000 USDT/Month 100/s
Tier 2 -0.010% VIP Taker Maker Volume ≥ 5,000,000 USDT/Month 70/s
Tier 3 -0.005% VIP Taker Maker Volume ≥ 2,000,000 USDT/Month 50/s
Assessment (Promotion/Demotion) Rules:
  1. Spot market makers will enjoy Tier 1 fee rate in the first month, with the assessment starting from the second month (equivalent to a 2-month trial period).
  2. Maker fees will be adjusted based on MKRUSDT"> Maker trading volume.
  3. Taker fees will automatically adjust based on the VIP level; please refer to the VIP Taker fee rates here.
Trading Rules:
  1. All spot trading pairs are eligible for trading. Also, participating in market-making for smaller trading pairs is encouraged.
  2. Strategy Required: market-making related strategies are required.
Elimination Rules:
  1. MM fee will be canceled if the Maker trading volume is less than 2 million USDT per month.
  2. Triggering risk control measures, including abnorma l trading behavior, non-compliance with market-making strategies, etc.
Application to become a Bitget market maker: Contact us and provide the following information:
  1. Bitget UID
  2. Institution/team/individual name
  3. Institution/team/individual introduction
  4. Proof of market maker identity/trading volume
  5. Brief description of market-making strategy and traded symbols
Contact Us:
Telegram: @BG_institution
Terms and Conditions:
Bitget reserves the right to update the eligibility criteria based on market conditions.