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Bitget Card Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This Agreement relates to the Program. Please read the terms and conditions of this Agreement carefully before applying for Your Account and Card with the Program. This Agreement and its terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time on notice by Us, becomes effective and binding on Your successful application and activation or use of Your Account and/or Your Card and for the entire period of validity of Your Account and Card.
The terms and conditions apply to the Program, which consists of the Account and Card issued to You by the Issuer and operated by Program Manager (together “We”, “Us”, or “Our”). The Account and Card enables You to use the assets held in your Bitget Wallet to fund the purchase of goods and services online or at a point of sale and withdraw cash at relevant ATMs. The total assets in your Bitget Wallet that are available for financing of the Card transactions is your Available Balance.


1.1 The Program Manager is SaintPay S.R.L, a company incorporated under the laws of Italy bearing the registration no. 12902640965. SaintPay S.R.L is registered as a provider of services related to the use of virtual currency and digital wallet services in Italy.
1.2 The Bitget Card is issued by the Card Issuer pursuant to a license granted by VISA. The VISA brand is a registered tradem ark, and its design is a trademark of VISA Inc.
1.3 The Program allows you to utilise selected assets held in Your Bitget Wallet, which could be used to fund purchase of goods and services online or at a Point of Sale and cash withdrawal transactions. Any excess funds (e.g., as a result of a refund provided by a Merchant) will be returned to your Bitget Wallet automatically.
1.4 Bitget is the operator of Bitget Wallet, and with whom you engage with on separate terms and conditions governing the use of Your Bitget Wallet.


2.1 All Fees and Charges relating to the Program are detailed in the Fees and Limits Schedule of this Agreement. Fees will be deducted from Your Account balance automatically as and where applicable.
2.2 If You make a transaction that requires one or more currency conversions, you will be charged foreign exchange fees.
2.3 For the avoidance of doubt, foreign exchange rates will fluctuate from time to time and shall be determined and applied by the Program Manager, the Issuer, the Scheme, and such other parties involved in the processing of your transaction (collectively, the "Transaction Processing Parties"). This would mean that authorised, settlement and refund amounts if any, may differ based on the prevailing foreign exchange rates. To illustrate, the authorized amount as reflected in Your Account may differ from the amount which You are required to pay for the purposes of settling such transaction. Similarly, a refund amount (as raised by You per a refund request) may differ from Your authorized amount and settlement amount. In this regard, please note that You are solely responsible for any differential resulting from a foreign exchange fluctuation. Accordingly, You agree that you will not hold any of the Transaction Processing Parties, liable for any losses suffered by You due to the aforementioned.


3.1 To apply for and use an Account and Card relating to the Program, You must be at least 18 years of age, reside in supported countries and regions, be a Bitget Wallet holder and have accepted such other terms and conditions as may be implemented by Bitget, the Program Manager, the Card Issuer and the Scheme that may be applicable to You. You may apply for a Card on the Website or App through your Bitget Wallet account.
3.2 Provided the Program has been able to undertake KYC to a satisfactory standard as per the Program AML Policy, You shall receive an activation confirmation via Your email or on Your App and You will be able to use the Account.
3.3 You may apply for a Card for Your Account and each shall constitute a ‘Card’ for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions. The Card is a credit card that can only be used to access assets in Your Bitget Wallet. It is not a debit card, charge card, or guarantee card and is not attached to a bank account.
3.4 A virtual Card is issued immediately on approval of Your Card application. We will endeavour to send any physical Card applied for to You within forty-five working days (45) days of approval. However, please be aware that in some instances it can take longer for Your Card to arrive.
3.5 You can apply for one (1) virtual or (1) physical Card for Your Account.
3.6 If You receive a physical Card, You must sign the signature strip on the back of the Card as soon as You receive it and then follow the instructions on the App to activate it. You will be required to set a PIN for the physical Card through the App.


Access to Assets
4.1 Transactions through Your Account and Card are financed solely by the assets maintained in Your Bitget Wallet. You hereby agree and authorize the Program and Bitget to access those assets and take all actions necessary in order to finance all transactions performed through your Card.
4.2 At the time of the transaction, the Program will instruct Bitget to liquidate the assets up to the amount of the Transaction or where applicable, to include an additional buffer depending on the nature of the Transaction (kindly refer to Section 4.8 below), in Your Account currency. Bitget shall transfer the proceeds of such liquidation to the Program in order to approve the Transaction. Bitget will determine the list of assets that are available for such financing of transactions and allow you to specify the order in which they will be used. Bitget will also determine the exchange rate for such assets into the currency of Your Account.
4.3 Any excess funds that are accumulated on Your Account within the Program (such as due to refund provided by a merchant, authorization being cancelled, or funds not being fully claimed by a merchant) will be automatically returned to Your Bitget Wallet in the prevailing cryptocurrency which formed the basis of the Transaction (that was refunded, cancelled or otherwise), within one Working Day after they are credited from Your Account.
4.4 The Program reserves the right to request further KYC documents and verification of Your source of funds at any point.
Usage / Redemption
4.5 You can use Your physical Card with Your PIN to withdraw cash from ATMs and at bank counters (where the bank permits it) or to buy goods and services online or at a point of sale at any Merchant who accepts the Scheme. A withdrawal fee may apply to withdrawals as set out in the Fees and Limits Schedule to this Agreement.
4.6 You must always ensure that You have a sufficient Available Balance for each Transaction You authorize (including value added tax and other taxes, duties and applicable fees as set out in the Fees and Limits Schedule to this Agreement). If the Available Balance is insufficient to pay for a Transaction, and the Merchants does not permit You to combine the use of Your Card with other payment methods, the Transaction will be declined.
4.7 If for any reason a Transaction is carried out but its amount exceeds the Available Balance, You must pay us the deficit immediately, and if You fail to do so after receiving a notification from us, We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement between us and take all necessary steps, including legal action, to recover this deficit.
4.8 There are certain circumstances where a Merchant or the Program may require You to have an Available Balance greater than the value of the Transaction You wish to make. However, You will only be charged for the actual and final value of the Transaction. Merchants may request this as they may need to access more funds than You initially planned to spend (“the relevant funds”), for example, when making hotel or car rental reservations. In the event that a Merchant has prior authorization on Your Card, You may not access the relevant funds until the Transaction is completed or, if sooner, up to a period of 30 days. However, the Program will only block access to the exact amount of funds authorized by You, unless the Program increases such amount to protect against possible foreign exchange fluctuations or a customary increase in the amount being captured from a particular merchant category.
4.9 Your Card cannot be used where such Merchants are unable to obtain online authorization that You have sufficient Available Balance for the Transaction (for example, Transactions made on trains, ships, some in-flight purchases, and at tollbooths). We accept no liability if a Merchant refuses to accept payment using the Card.
4.10 Your virtual Card can not be used to purchase an item online that subsequently requires presentment of a physical card in order to obtain that item (i.e., certain theatre ticket purchases, hotel stays, and car rentals).
4.11 When You use Your Card to pay for goods and services, You may need to enter Your unique PIN. Once Your PIN has been accepted, the transaction or ATM withdrawal cannot be cancelled by the Program.
4.12 When entering into Transactions over the internet, some websites may require You to enter Your Personal Details and, in such instances, You should supply the most recent Personal Details that You have provided the Program via the Website or App.
Limits / Declines
4.13 Transactions are subject to limits and compliance with the Fees and Limits Schedule to this Agreement. You can also view the limits applicable to Your Card in Your Account.
4.14 We may decline a Transaction, place restrictions on Your Card, or apply special security procedures with respect to Transactions if:
i. You do not have an Available Balance or sufficient Available Balance for the Transaction attempted.
ii. The Transaction will take You over the Card limits which can be found in the Fees and Limits Schedule to this Agreement.
iii. To protect the security of Your Card, Account, Security Details, or personal data.
iv. We believe a transaction is unauthorized, illegal, or at high risk of being unauthorized or illegal.
v. We reasonably believe the transaction would be in breach of the Fees and Limits Schedule to this Agreement or this Agreement.
vi. The transaction and applicable fees would cause Your Account to go into a negative balance.
4.15 Payments using Your Card for any transaction made in a currency other than supported currencies will be subject to Scheme terms, conditions, and fees.
4.16 Any refunds for goods and services purchased with Your Card will be made in accordance with the refund policy of the Merchant. Once the Program receives the funds, the Program will return relevant funds in the underlying cryptocurrency which was used to execute the Transaction which is subject to such refund, to your Bitget Wallet within one working day, subject to risk management procedures.
You will need to give Your consent to each Transaction so that the Program can check it is genuine by, where applicable, a) using Your PIN or other Security Details personal to You; b) signing a sales voucher; or c) providing the Card details and/or providing any other details personal to You and/or Your Card. Once You have given such consent to the Transaction, it will be deemed to be authorized.
4.18 The time of receipt of a Transaction order is when the Program receives it. If a Transaction order is received after 4pm on a working day, then it will be deemed to have been received on the next working day.
4.19 Once a Transaction has been authorized by You and received by the Program, it cannot be revoked.
4.21 Certain Merchants may not accept payments made through the Card and the We accept no liability for such nonacceptance. it is Your responsibility to check the restrictions of each Merchant.
4.22 Your ability to use or access the Card may occasionally be interrupted, for example if the Program needs to carry out maintenance on its systems or websites. Please contact Customer Service to notify the Program of any problems You are experiencing using Your Card or Account and the Program will try to resolve them as soon as possible.


5.1 You are solely responsible for Your Account, Security Details for Your Account, Card, PIN and must take all possible measures to keep them safe and entirely confidential. You should not share any details of Your Account or Card with anyone else, other than for the purpose of authorizing a Transaction. Whilst we may assist you in terms of any security breach of Your Account, we shall not be liable for any losses arising out of such breach.
5.2 The PIN of Your physical Card can be set through the App. You will need this PIN in order to make cash withdrawals from an ATM or at a bank or occasionally for making transactions.
5.3 Keep Your PIN safe by memorizing it, never disclosing it to anyone, or by letting anyone see You enter it. We recommend You do not write it down. If You do write Your PIN down or disclose it to any other individual, You may be held liable for any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions made using Your Card.
5.4 If You suspect that someone else knows Your Card PIN or the Security Details of Your Account, change them as soon as possible in Your Account or on the App. If You are not able to do so, please contact Us immediately to find a resolution.
5.5 You should check the recent transactions and monitor the transactions history of Your Account regularly. If You do not recognize a transaction, then report it immediately (see below for the reporting process).
5.6 You must not give Your Card to any other person or allow any other person to use it. You may be held liable for any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions made using Your Card.
5.7 Once Your Card has expired or if it is found after You have reported it as lost or stolen, You must destroy it by cutting it in two through the magnetic strip and chip, and disposing of it securely.
5.8 We reserve the right to require You to register for and/or use enhanced online transaction security systems for customer authentication, which may include a one-time password as well as other third party authentication measures.
5.9 Failure to comply with this Clause may affect Your ability to claim any losses unless you are able to prove that we have acted fraudulently, with undue delay, or with gross negligence.


6.1 In the event Your Card is lost or stolen, you wish to submit a request for a chargeback, or submit a dispute in relation to any transaction processed vis-à-vis Your Card, please refer to our Chargeback and Dispute Settlement Policy which sets out instructions and guidance on what You should do. 6.2 Please do not attempt to take any action unless set out in the Chargeback and Dispute Settlement Policy or otherwise instructed by our customer service support. 6.3 We retain the right not to provide relevant assistance and shall not be held liable for any consequence that may occur should you proceed in a manner that contravenes our Chargeback and Dispute Settlement Policy or the instructions of our customer service support.


7.1 If You use Your Card in a currency other than the currency in which Your Card is denominated, the amount deducted from Your Available Balance will be the amount of the Transaction converted to Your Account currency using a rate outlined by the Scheme. You may also be charged a foreign exchange Fee as outlined in the Fees and Limits Schedule to this Agreement. You can view the real-time percentage difference between the amount that will be charged on Your Card for a foreign currency transaction (consisting of the mark-up applied by the Scheme as well as any other charges) and the latest available USD foreign exchange reference rates on the Website.


8.1 If You change Your name, address, or contact details such as telephone number or email address, You must notify the Program within 14 days of the change.
8.2 The Program reserves the right to, at any time, perform checks to confirm that the personal details You provide are accurate (for example, by requesting relevant original documents), including for the purposes of preventing fraud and/or money laundering. In addition, at the time of Your application or at any time in the future, in connection with Your Account, You authorize the Program to undertake electronic identity verification checks on You either directly or by using relevant third parties.
8.3 It is also important to notify the Program without delay of any changes to Your circumstances that may affect the running of Your Account or Your Card by contacting Customer Service (details below).


9.1 You will not be able to use Your Card following its Expiry Date.
9.2 Physical Cards and virtual Cards may be automatically renewed at the Program’s discretion. Unless requested otherwise, this will be on the same pricing as the expiring Card as outlined in the Fees and Limits Schedule to this Agreement.


10.1 The Program is a data controller of personal data provided in connection with the Program, Your Account, and Card. Information on how the Program uses and protects Your personal data is available in the Program Privacy Policy on the Website. The Issuer is a joint controller of personal data provided in connection with the Program.
10.2 Information on how Your personal data is used by the Program is outlined in this section.
10.3 The Program may use third parties to process personal data on Our behalf. Such third parties may include creditors or potential transferees of rights and obligations under this Agreement.
10.4 The Program will process and retain personal data in order to open and administer Your Account and Card, to deal with any enquiries You have about Your Account and Card, and comply with regulatory obligations. The types of personal data processed are likely to include, but are not limited to, name, address, date of birth, contact details, financial information, employment details, and device identifiers.
10.5 If the Program suspects that it has been given false or inaccurate information, it may record that suspicion together with any other relevant information. Decisions may be made by automated means.
10.6 If illegality is identified, the Program may pass details to the Issuer and Italian Authorities and Regulators. The Issuer and Law Authorities and Regulators in Italy may request, access, and use this information in order to detect, investigate, and prevent crime.
10.7 The Program and other organizations may also access and use this information to prevent fraud and money laundering. When the Program, Issuer, or Law Authorities and Regulators in Italy and the EU process Your personal data, such processing shall be done on the basis of a legitimate interest in preventing fraud, money laundering, and verify identity. These processes are carried out in order to protect the Program, the Issuer, and other customers, and to comply with regulatory requirements.
10.8 Contact Customer Service if You want to receive details of relevant Law Authorities and Regulators in Italy and the EU and/or contact the Program’s Data Protection Officer.
10.9 The Program and other organizations may access and use the information recorded by Law Authorities and Regulators in Italy and the EU in other countries.
10.10 The Program may check all personal information given by You with Law Authorities and Regulators in Italy and the EU and other organizations. For the purpose of enabling use of Your Card, the Program may also use information about any device, computer, network, and browser You use.
10.11 Personal data may also be transferred confidentially to other organizations within the Issuer’s group of companies and to relevant third parties so that the Program can manage Your Card.
10.12 You can also obtain any details of the information the Program and We hold about You and/or details of any other person to whom the Program and We may pass Your information (where the Program and We are not prevented by law) by writing to Customer Service. You have a legal right to these details (in most circumstances) and, where applicable, to object to the Program and Us processing Your personal data and/or request that Your data is corrected or erased.
10.13 The Program and We reserve the right to process data in countries outside the European Union, however the Program and We will ensure adequate protection for personal data transferred to countries outside the European Union as required by data protection legislation.
10.14 To facilitate the processing of payments, the Program and We may share Card Usage information with specified third parties strictly in accordance with any nationally published Code of Conduct or similar relating to the receipt and dispersal of government benefits.
10.15 You have the right to:
i. Learn more about the information the Program and We pass to third parties or that is held by Law Authorities and Regulators in Italy and the EU, or to obtain a list of the third parties with whom the Program and We share information.
ii. Receive details of the personal data the Program and We hold about You.
iii. Receive a copy of this Agreement and the terms and conditions contained herein at any time, a copy of which will be made available on the Website.


11.1 This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Italy.
11.2 In the event of any dispute relating to this terms and conditions or such other disputes relating to your use of the Card, you agree that such dispute shall be negotiated between the parties. In the event that the parties are unable to reach a conclusion as to a dispute within thirty (30) days from the date which the dispute is submitted by one party to the other, then the parties agree that such dispute shall be submitted to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre for arbitration, in the English language.
11.3 Any delay or failure to exercise any right or remedy under this Agreement by the Program shall not be construed as a waiver of that right or remedy or preclude its exercise at any subsequent time.
11.4 The Account and Card is a payment service product and not a deposit or credit or banking product and as such is not governed by any compensation scheme whether in Italy or the EU. However, the Program will ensure proper safeguarding of Your funds so that they are protected in accordance with applicable law if the Program or We become insolvent.
11.5 If any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable or illegal, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.
11.6 If any part of this Agreement is inconsistent with any regulatory requirements, then we will not rely on that part but treat it as if it did actually reflect the relevant regulatory requirement. If we need to make operational changes before we can fully comply with the new regulatory requirement, we will make those changes as soon as reasonably practical.
11.7 You may not assign or transfer any of Your rights and/or benefits under this Agreement and You shall be the sole party to the contract between the Program and You. You will remain liable until the Account and all Cards issued to You are cancelled or have expired and all sums due under this Agreement have been paid by You in full. Subject to giving You 60 days' notice, the Program may assign all rights and benefits under this Agreement to a third party and may subcontract any of the obligations under this Agreement. If the Program does not hear from You prior to the expiry of the 60 days’ notice, the Program and We will assume You are agreeable to the change.
11.8 All communications relating to Your Account will be in English.


12.1 Any communication from the Program to You will be given via the Website and by notification via email or the App (using the latest contact details with which You have provided us).
12.2 You may contact the Program via Customer Service, the details of which are outlined in the Definitions Interpretation Clause.


13.1 If You are unhappy with the service provided under these Terms and Conditions, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.
13.2 Upon receipt of Your emailed complaint, Customer Service shall endeavour to respond to You as quickly as possible but, in any event, shall reply to You by return email by no later than 10 working days.
13.3 If, having received a response from Customer Service, You remain unhappy with the outcome, You may escalate Your complaint to the Issuer.


14.1 In the event of an issue which the Program or We are not reasonably able to control, including but not limited to, defects relating to the Card or Account which stop or delay the Program from meeting an obligation under this Agreement, the Program and We will not be responsible for any loss which You may suffer.
14.2 If You are affected by an issue for which Program is at fault or was in the reasonable control of the Program to prevent, the Program will only be responsible for the financial loss actually debited from Your Account and not for any other loss whatsoever (for example, loss of reputation and indirect and consequential losses). Where the Card becomes faulty due to Program default, the liability shall be limited to replacement of the Card.
14.3 You will be responsible for:
i. Any unauthorized activity if You act fraudulently or with gross negligence; and
ii. any loss or fraud that results directly from Your failure to advise Us promptly of any changes to Your name, address, or contact details.
14.4 In the event that You do not use Your Card in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or the Program discovers that You are using the Card fraudulently, the Program reserves the right to charge You for any reasonable costs that are incurred in taking action to stop You using the Card and to recover any assets owed as a result of Your activities.
14.5 The Program accepts no responsibility or liability for the goods or services that You purchase with Your Card or for any product or service discounts arising from purchases with Your Card.
14.6 The Program accepts no responsibility or liability for a merchant refusing to accept Your Card or failing to cancel an authorization.
14.7 Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury resulting from Our negligence or fraud.
14.10 To the extent permitted by law, all conditions or warranties implied by law, statute, or otherwise are expressly excluded.
14.11 The above exclusions and limitations set out in this paragraph shall apply to any liability of Our affiliates such as the Scheme, other suppliers, contractors, distributors, and any of their respective affiliates (if any) to You which may arise in connection with this Agreement.
14.12 For all other matters not expressly covered in this Clause and to the extent permitted by applicable law, the Program and Our total aggregate liability shall be limited to the total amount of assets that You have deposited into Your Account over the 12-month period prior to the claim.


15.1 We reserve the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions from time to time.
15.2 Changes will be deemed to have been accepted unless You notify the Program to the contrary before the proposed date the change comes into effect. Rejection of any proposed changes will amount to termination of Agreement and the cancellation of Your Account and Card.


16.1 You have the right to withdraw from this Agreement and cancel Your Account or Card:
i. Within 14 days of the date of Your first Account or Card transaction without cause and without penalty. The Program will refund all delivery charges if You cancel within this period.
ii. At any time after the initial 14 day cooling off period. In this case, Your Account and Card will be cancelled 10 days after the Program receives the withdrawal notice.
16.2 Once the Program has received all necessary information from You (including KYC) and all Transactions and applicable fees and charges have been processed and deducted, the Program will refund any funds remaining in Your Account to Your Bitget Wallet provided that:
i. You have not acted fraudulently or with gross negligence or in such a way as to give rise to reasonable suspicion of fraud or gross negligence; and
ii. the Program and We are not required to withhold Your Available Balance by law or regulation, or at the request of the police, a court, or any regulatory authority.
16.3 The Program has the right to terminate this agreement and cancel Your Account and Card without cause by giving You 60 days’ written notice.
16.4 Once Your Card and Account have been cancelled, it will be Your responsibility to destroy Your Card.
16.5 The Card will automatically be cancelled if:
i. Your Account is closed for any reason; or
ii. the Issuer ceases issuing Cards or E-money for the Program. In this case, the Program will contact You to advise if another Card or E-money will be issued to You by another issuer or by the Program directly (where applicable).
16.6 The Program may at any time, and without notice, suspend, restrict, block, or cancel Your Account and Card, or refuse to issue or replace a Card, a PIN, and/or Account related Security Details, for reasons relating to the following:
i. Any of the information that You provided to the Program when You applied for the Account and/or Card was materially incorrect or false.
ii. To comply with any applicable regulations or legislation.
iii. You become deceased.
iv. You have not complied with the terms and conditions in this Agreement.
v. The Program or We have reason to believe that You have used, or intend to use, Your Card in a grossly negligent manner or for a fraudulent or otherwise unlawful purpose.
vi. The Program or We are required to do so for legal reasons.
vii. You use racist, threatening, or abusive behavior towards the Program’s or Our staff, or harass the Program’s or Our staff (including via social media).
If the Program takes any of the steps outlined in this Clause, You will be notified as soon as possible or as permitted after the Program has taken these steps. The Program may request that You to stop using Your Card and return it to the Program or destroy it. The Program will issue You with a replacement Card if after further investigations, it is believed that the relevant circumstances (as outlined in this Clause) no longer apply.
16.7 If, following cancellation of the Card and reimbursement of Your Available Balance, any further Transactions are found to have been made or charges or Fees are incurred using the Account or Card, or we receive a reversal of any prior funding Transaction, we will notify You of the amount and You must immediately repay to us such amount on request. We reserve the right to take all necessary steps, including legal action, to recover this deficit.
16.8 The Program shall have the absolute right to set-off, transfer, or apply sums held in Your Account or Cards in or towards satisfaction of all or any liabilities and fees owed that have not been paid or satisfied when due. If those are not sufficient to cover said liabilities and fees, Program may request Bitget to debit your assets held in Your Bitget Wallet and You hereby authorize Bitget to comply with such request.


17.1 Card Issuer
The Bitget Card is issued by the Card Issuer pursuant to a license granted by VISA. The VISA brand is a registered trademark, and its design is a trademark of VISA Inc.
To contact Customer Service of ReapPay Europe Limited, please use the contact details on the website:


Account: The electronic money account associated with Your Card.
Agreement: These terms and conditions relating to the use of Your Card(s) as amended from time to time.
App: The Program mobile application that allows You to access Your Account and view Card and Transaction information.
Available Balance: The value of unspent funds loaded onto Your Account available to use and/or the sum of fiat currency equivalent to the relevant assets held in Your Bitget Wallet.
Bitget Platform: The electronic trading platform, including any website or mobile application, for accessing the products and services provided by Bitget.
Bitget Wallet: The custodial electronic wallet created by You on the Bitget Platform.
Working Day: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm GMT, excluding bank and public holidays in Italy.
Card: A Credit Card issued by the Card Issuer to You in accordance with this Agreement.
Card Issuer: ReapPay Europe Limited as defined in section 19.1.
Customer Service: The contact centre for dealing with queries about Your Bitget Card and Account. You can contact Customer Services by:
i. emailing from the email address registered to Your Online Account; or
ii. contacting the E-money or Card Issuer through forms on their respective websites.
Expiry Date: The expiry date shown on Your Card.
Fee: Any fee payable by You as referenced in the Fees Limits Schedule.
Fees Limits Schedule: The schedule contained in this Agreement and which forms part of this Agreement.
KYC: Means “Know Your Customer” and constitutes our verification of Your Personal Details.
Merchant: A retailer or any other person that accepts Your Card and E-money.
Online Account: The area on the Website that allows You to access Your Account and carry out Account-related functions.
Personal Data: The registered personal identity details relating to the use of Your Card and Account including (but not limited to) Your name, date of birth, home address, email address, and telephone (landline and/or mobile) number. Full details of the Personal Data which the Program processes are outlined out in a Privacy Policy on the Website.
PIN: Your Personal Identification Number. The security number provided for use with Your Card.
Primary Card: The first Card issued to You in response to registration of Your Account in accordance with this Agreement.
Primary Cardholder: The person who has been issued the Primary Card and who is responsible for the use of all other Additional Cards in accordance with this Agreement.
Program: The Bitget Card operated by the Program Manager.
Program Manager: SaintPay S.R.L are the providers of the Program. The Program Manager is a company incorporated in the Republic of Italy under registration No 12902640965 .
Scheme: VISA as shown on Your Card; VISA is a registered trademark of VISA Inc.
Transaction: The use of Your Card to make (i) a payment, or a purchase of goods or services from a Merchant where payment is made (in whole or in part) by use of Your Card including where payment is made over the internet, by phone or mail order; or (ii) a cash withdrawal made from an ATM or bank using Your Card.
Security Details: A set of personal codes consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols which form a username and password selected by You in order to access Your Account.
We, Us or Our Are:
i. The Program;
ii. The Program Manager;
You or Your: You, the person who has entered into this Agreement with us by virtue of Your use of the Card and or Account and any other person You have authorized to use any Cards in accordance with this Agreement.
Virtual Cards: Any virtual Card issued to You by the Card Issuer in addition to the Account.