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Bitget PoolX: Navigating The Crypto Market In A Timely Manner

Bitget PoolX: Navigating The Crypto Market In A Timely Manner

2024-04-09 | 5m

Bitget PoolX is poised to become an indispensable tool for cryptocurrency investors worldwide with a comprehensive approach that balances liquidity, flexibility, and user accessibility.

Bitget PoolX Introduces An Innovative Approach To Staking

With traditional staking, assets are often locked up for fixed periods, meaning participants are unable to react to any unwanted circumstances early enough. Bitget Pool-X offers a more flexible staking option in that users can redeem their staked token from a staking pool at any time. This flexibility allows users to earn staking rewards without sacrificing liquidity, a significant advantage for those who wish to maintain access to their assets for a successful investment plan - with a comprehensive risk management strategy well outlined.

Enhanced liquidity does not only refer to assets staked, but also the hourly reward distribution. This is particularly advantageous in the volatile crypto market, where the ability to quickly access and move assets can be crucial for taking advantage of market opportunities or avoiding downturns. In the case of realising profit with time to spare, it could also lead to rapid compounding a.k.a. the possibility of reinvesting earnings back into the staking pool much quicker.

Don't forget that at its core, Bitget PoolX is a stake-to-mine platform, i.e. where participants can discover an additional revenue stream with staking rewards in the form of popular tokens. It's worth noting that Bitget PoolX allows the staking of tokens specified for each project, including stablecoins such as USDT or BGB - Bitget's native token for example, and at APRs calculated separately for each staking pool, thereby effectively anticipating future trends and demands.

How To Participate In Bitget PoolX's Projects

User accessibility talks about the ease with which Bitget users can understand and use our products. Here's the breakdown of Bitget PoolX's participating process, which sure will surprise you with its simplicity:

Step 1

Go to Bitget PoolX directly or hover the click above [Earn] on the navigation bar. You'll see PoolX appear on the drop-down menu from there.

Bitget PoolX: Navigating The Crypto Market In A Timely Manner image 0

Step 2

Check out the ongoing event(s) and select a preferred pool to stake your available assets. Of course, you can participate in all staking pools - it's completely up to you. Then click on [Stake] to stake your asset(s) in the corresponding pool(s).

Bitget PoolX: Navigating The Crypto Market In A Timely Manner image 1

Step 3

Enter the amount of asset to be staked and review the staking information before confirming the stake.

Bitget PoolX: Navigating The Crypto Market In A Timely Manner image 2

Step 4

Check your staking and rewards by clicking on [Participation history]. Rewards are distributed on an hourly basis as follows: if you stake during hour H, the staked amount is calculated at H+1 o'clock, and the rewards are distributed at H+2 o'clock.

Please note that:

(1) staked asset(s) will be returned to all partipants' spot account after the staking period ends, hence there's no need for you to unstake manually.

(2) rewards are calculated as follows:

Hourly rewards = (participant's staked amount / the total staked amount of that particular asset by all eligible participants) * the size of the corresponding pool.

(3) eligibility requirements: participants must complete Bitget's KYC to qualify for reward distribution and strictly comply with the TC of each specific project on Bitget PoolX. Here's your quick guide to KYC on Bitget.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that all the information contained in the illustrations within this article is for illustrative purposes only and is not to be taken as actual representations. To access the most current and accurate details regarding interest rates and other information, kindly visit the official product pages.