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Bitget Internal AMA with Toncoin

Bitget Internal AMA with Toncoin

Hello everyone! I'm Niko, the host of AMA today. I am also the Operation Manager of Bitget English Telegram Community.

To better encourage and guide you guys to participate in the TON Listing Carnival, here we are holding an AMA in the Bitget English Telegram Community.

Firstly we have prepared a special preheat event for all of you. Cheer up everybody!

Q: Hello Denis! Would you like to introduce yourself to us first?

A: Hello, my name is Denis Matveev. I am a community lead of Tonkeeper, a non-custodial wallet and a power user of the TON blockchain.

Q1: Please introduce your project.

A1: Tonkeeper is a non-custodial wallet that gives full access to the world of the TON blockchain and its assets on the blockchain through ownership of the seed phrase.

Q2: Why do you want to start this project, any pain point you would like to solve?

A2: Our task is to make the Tonkeeper app the main entry point to the world of TON and interaction with it. We have been working on this project since autumn last year.

Q3: During the project development, is everything going according to your plan? Are there any technical barriers that you think could pose limitations for mass adoption and expansion?

A3: We have a roadmap that we adhere to, but there are situations when we feel the need to develop a feature/functionality which is important here and now. As for me, I think that the key challenge in mass adoption is the balance between teaching users the basics of the blockchain and maintaining a simple flow so that everyone could log in and start using it in minutes.

Q4: What are the roles of the $TON token, would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

A4: This is the utility coin of the TON network which means every action that takes place on the blockchain uses this coin:

– Payment of commissions of validators;

– Payment of bridge oracles between networks;

– Purchase of .ton domains;

– Creation of smart contracts and tokens;

– Future proxy payment in the latest web3 internet.

More info can be found here:

Q5: Please describe your project in one word and why?

A5: Tonkeeper equals to TON, to me. Because when we think blockchain, we mean a place where you can interact with the system in any of the available ways.

Q6: In view of the FTX incident, what do you think of it? And why do you think that Bitget is a trustworthy exchange for you to cooperate with?

A6:I think we should look at it from what is the key weakness of CEX. And it is usually transparency and openness. Transparency of asset ownership and the availability of real volumes on wallets/smart contracts will allow users to understand the real value and feel the trust.

Thank you guys for being here. Have a nice day!