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Bitget to list HOLD Token: Empowering Futures Trading with Holdstation

Press release
Bitget to list HOLD Token: Empowering Futures Trading with Holdstation

Victoria, Seychelles - 27 Nov 2023 - Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, proudly announces the listing of HOLD, the governance token of Holdstation, on its innovative trading platform. Holdstation is revolutionizing the landscape of Smart Contract Wallets for Futures Trading by leveraging the power of zkSync Era technology. The spot trading corridor for HOLD tokens will be opened on November 27th at 12pm UTC.

Holdstation stands out as an innovative Smart Contract Wallet for Futures Trading, offering users a seamless experience on the zkSync Era. By adopting native Account Abstraction on zkSync, Holdstation simplifies user engagement with dApps, facilitates token exchange across Layer 2 and EVM chains, and enables leveraged futures trading up to 500x within seconds. The platform prioritizes security through comprehensive Account Abstraction implementations, including Paymaster, Batch Transactions, Spending Limit, Social Recovery, and more.

Holdstation's distinctive edge lies in its pioneering use of native Account Abstraction on zkSync, allowing users one-click trading and flexible payment methods through Paymaster. Additional features like Batch Transactions, Seedless Recovery, and Spending Limits enhance accessibility and cost-effectiveness in DeFi.

Holdstation introduces an innovative web-based in-app perp DEX, Holdstation DeFutures. This native Perp DEX on zkSync Era facilitates futures trading up to 500x, featuring a Single Trading Vault, Dynamic Price Feed, Various Trading Pairs, High Leverage Options, and Flexible Market Making. The platform eliminates the need for external exchanges, providing a centralized exchange (CEX)-like experience in a decentralized environment.

Launched in December 2022 on iOS and Android platforms, Holdstation quickly became a key player on the zkSync Era network, boasting top swap volume and fee generation. With a focus on user-centric features, the platform has amassed over 120,000 downloads on both platforms, building a dedicated community of traders and enthusiasts.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, shared her thoughts on the listing:

"HOLD's addition aligns seamlessly with Bitget's vision of a more equitable crypto-driven future. We empower finance's future by ensuring secure, efficient, and intelligent digital transactions. Holdstation's innovative approach bridges the gap between centralized finance and the security of decentralized finance, contributing significantly to our commitment to user-centric, trustworthy solutions."

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