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Bitget has updated the Proof of Reserves for September 2023

Bitget has recently updated its September 2023 Proof of Reserves. As of September 7, 2023, Bitget's total reserve ratio was 208%. The latest reserve ratios are as follows:


Assets at Bitget

User Assets

Reserve Ratio


11,056.95 BTC

2,657.71 BTC

416% (sufficient)


476,199,612.35 USDT

360,592,267.80 USDT

132% (sufficient)


21,348.31 ETH

13,431.39 ETH

159% (sufficient)


1,600,089,353.41 USDC

8,706,524.73 USDC

1839% (sufficient)

To ensure the safety of users' assets, Bitget introduced the Proof of Reserves in December 2022. Data is updated every month to maintain a reserve ratio of at least 1:1 for the user's assets. Users can verify their assets on Bitget using the open-source verification tool called MerkleValidator, available on GitHub. In addition to the Proof of Reserves, Bitget has established a US$300 million Protection Fund to provide an additional layer of protection for user assets.

Visit Bitget Proof of Reserves for more details.

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