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Smart Trend New Phase: Earn 4.5% APR & Aim Higher!

Smart Trend New Phase: Earn 4.5% APR & Aim Higher! image 0

Bitget Earn is launching a new phase of Smart Trend products. Leverage market trends and enjoy high yields with us!

Bitget Smart Trend is a principal-guaranteed investment product with low-risk and enhanced profits. Smart Trend products start with a guaranteed basic APR of 4.5% while guaranteeing your principal is safe. In addition, Bitget Smart Trend provides you with the opportunity to predict trends in digital asset prices, so that you can profit off of an enhanced APR of up to 130% in a volatile market.

*The product’s floating APR range is dynamic. The actual minimum and maximum APR will be updated based on the latest market price. Your profits are subject to the product description and the actual APR at settlement.

Launch time: October 11, 6 AM (UTC)

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Bitget Smart Trend is a unique investment product that has the following advantages:

1.Principal-guaranteed: Safeguarding our investors’ principal has always been our top priority. Bitget Smart Trend applies robust risk-control strategies to well-designed asset portfolios. You can rest assured that your principal is properly guaranteed.

2.Stable yields and high potential: Bitget Smart Trend offers a basic APR of 4.5%, while also offering an enticing chance of higher yields. With the help of Bitget’s excellent investment strategies and market analysis capabilities, you will have the opportunity to leverage market volatility and achieve an enhanced APR of up to 130%.

3.Floating APR, higher than our competitors: Bitget Smart Trend offers a floating APR higher than the industry average, boosting your wealth.

4.Low barriers to entry: Your subscription can start at just US$20 value. Bitget Smart Trend lowers the entry requirements so that anyone can try it out, particularly those just starting their journey into digital asset investments.

5.Transparent asset custody: As an industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, Bitget is committed to maintaining 100% reserves of user assets and releasing the Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves on a monthly basis. We provide secure,

Smart Trend New Phase: Earn 4.5% APR & Aim Higher! image 1

Smart Trend Highlights

With its unique investment strategy, Smart Trend will ensure stable returns on your investment regardless of market volatility. Thanks to our professional trends analysis, we can help you to feel the market pulse and seize investment opportunities with strong upward or downward potential. Our powerful dynamic strategies will be your canary cry in a bearish market!

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