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Join the Bitget Builders team — share a US$20,000 offline event budget and win "Apple Family "products

Join the Bitget Builders team — share a US$20,000 offline event budget and win

Bitget Builders is a global crypto influencer program launched by Bitget. Bitget Builders focuses on the growth of long-tail traffic channels in the crypto industry. The program aims to incubate the next generation of crypto opinion leaders by providing personalized traffic support and growth plans.
By becoming a Bitget Builder, you will help Bitget expand its influence in the crypto community, and grab a share of a US$20,000 offline event budget and win Apple products. Bitget Builders will also receive exclusive physical identity badges and limited edition NFT badges. Most importantly, Bitget will help you become an influencer with tons of followers!
Promotion period: October 12th - December 31st
Please fill in the form. Our business development professionals will contact you to discuss and confirm the details of our partnership.
Bitget Builders eligibility criteria:
1. You love the crypto industry and have insights into crypto assets.
2. You have at least 100 followers in your own community or social media.
3. You have engaged with the crypto industry for a long time and are a positive community figure.
Bitget Builders perks:
1. Bitget Builders can share a US$20,000 offline event budget — up to US$1000 per builder!
2. The top 5 builders in each quarter (by promotion performance) will get an iPhone 15 Pro, a MacBook Air (M2), an Apple Watch S9, an iPad (2022), and a set of Apple AirPods.
3. The first 500 influencers who become Bitget builders and complete their newbie builder tasks will receive US$5 to US$500 in Amazon gift cards. There's up to US$5000 up for grabs, so don't miss out.
4. After you partner with us, your Twitter account will be displayed on the Bitget Insights program, granting you up to a million impressions of exposure.
5. Bitget will then randomly select 50 influencers among the first 500 builders and award them with exclusive Bitget Builders NFTs.
6. User referral rewards: Builders can get US$5 – US$10 for each referred user.
7. Exclusive personal ID: Get exclusive customized birthday gifts and targeted airdrops, and enjoy VIP access to offline events and Bitget annual celebrations.
8. Special personalized gifts: Get exclusive personalized Bitget Builder gifts, Lionel Messi merchandise, and holiday gifts.
9. Bitget trading commission: Get up to 50% affiliate referral commission.
10. Exclusive Bitget community incentives: Get up to US$3000 in Bitget Builder community-exclusive promotion airdrops, platform event announcements, and additional rewards.
11. Get a 1-on-1 account manager: Your account manager will be happy to assist you and your community at any time.
12. Popularity boost: Promote your channel and community account on our official pages to increase your exposure.
13. Million Fans Program: Quarterly training sessions to help your channel grow.
Telegram: @rhbudi
Terms and conditions
1. The program is available to all countries/regions.
2. We are looking for individuals, not agencies.
3. The applicants will be assessed based on the performance of their provided account in the crypto communities. Applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted by Bitget for further meetings.
4. Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of this program.