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Bitget KCGI Internal AMA

Bitget KCGI Internal AMA

Hello everyone! I'm Lyn, the host of AMA today. I am also the Operation Manager of Bitget English Telegram Community.

To better encourage and guide you guys to participate in the Bitget KCGI event, here we are holding an AMA in the Bitget English Telegram Community. Firstly we have prepared a special preheat event for all of you. Cheer up everybody!

Lyn: Hello Budi! Would you like to introduce yourself to us first?

Budi: Hello Guys! Happy to be here with you all from the Bitget English Community, I am Budi, Telegram Fams know me rhbudi from Bitget Futures as Community Manager.

Beside of Community Manager i am also daily trader, i do research and follow everything about Crypto Market.

I am handling Bitget Futures Trading special groups for futures traders, same with other CM’s here . We are here to listen and help you all to know more about Bitget!

So for you all who interested in and have a good understanding on futures trading you can join our Bitget Futures Group.

Q1: Could you please introduce KCGI and the Bitget Futures Trading group?

A1: Yes, let me introduce Bitget Futures Trading group first and what is colleration between KCGI and Bitget Futures Trading group, Bitget Futures Trading group is a Bitget official group for users or members who trade on Futures and also wants to learn more about futures trading, we have a lot of daily event regarding futures trade and also private crypto course about futures trading.

And Now we have the biggest trading competition event, we call it KCGI!

What is KCGI? Bitget’s King’s Cup Global Invitation (KCGI) is the first-class international trading competition for existing and soon-to-be Bitget users. Now is the second KCGI The theme for current Bitget’s KCGI is World Cup 2022, the biggest and the most famous international football tournament. That also shows our support for fan tokens - assets that never expire, just like the unwavering fan loyalty towards sports.

This year’s 2nd KCGI takes place simultaneously with the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. We welcome not only interested traders and crypto enthusiasts but also football lovers - Bitget has been and always will be a leading advocate of fair play sports.

We are the official partner of :

  • Juventus (the Italian professional football club playing in Serie A)

  • Galatasaray (the Turkish professional football club participating in Süper Lig since 1959)

  • PGL (organizer of several major eSports events) and

  • Team Spirit (the prominent Russian eSports organization)

Lyn: Thank you Budi for your introduction at the first beginning of our AMA.

Q2: How to Register and Participate KCGI with any minimum asset to join?

A2: Easy to participate, you can participate and register from this link: and any users who have completed their Bitget registration must have a minimum of 300 USDT in their Futures account to join this league, this minimum 300 USDT for all contests and languages, we have more than 1 contest and not only trading competition here.

Don’t know how to transfer funds to your futures account yet? Here is a quick catch-up:

• Move your pointer to Asset on the upper right corner of the website

• Click on Transfer

• Choose USDT as the coin to be transferred and enter the amount (minimum 300 USDT)

• Review the details and Confirm to finish.

And here for the timeline of registration:

Registration is from 28 October to 20 November
Group Stage is from 21 November to 3 December

⅛ Final is from 4 December to 7 December

¼ Final is from 8 December to 11 December

FINAL is from 12 December to 19 December

Lyn: Thank you, Budi. This is really useful and legible!

Q3: You said before “we have more than 1 contest” What kind of contest on Bitget KCGI? Only trading competition or you have another contest there?

A3: Alright, here the good and the main question I guess, Yes, perfect!
Let me explain one by one, We have:
1. Individual Competition

2. Team Battle Competition

3. Invitation Competition

1. Individual Competition

Step 1: To participate, click on Join Individual Competition.

Step 2: You’ll see a notification that asks for the cancellation of all copy-trade activities. Make sure to follow this rule before clicking on I understand.

Step 3: Enter the nickname you want to use and your email address. You’ll receive important notifications via this email address; please take time to check your emails regularly. Click Submit and you’re done!

2. Team Battle Competition

Step 1: Find an existing team in your area by checking the ranking list. Click Join.

Step 2: Copy trading volume can be included in the total trading volume of KCGI. However, during the competition period (11.21 00:00:00 ~ 12.19 23:59:59 local time in Qatar), the user's transaction amount of copy trading cannot exceed 50% of the total transaction amount (calculated according to the closed position). Otherwise, the user will be kicked out of the final ranking.

Step 3: Confirm that you want to join that particular team. This action cannot be revoked or changed afterwards.

3. Invitation Competition

Super Easy, you can click on the Sign Up button on the Official KCGI page and you are automatically eligible for the Invitation Competition!

But remember, we have a rules for this invitation competition, any participant involved in manipulation, order-matching activities, multi-account operations or proprietary trading will be disqualified, participant who uses the exact same trading strategy as another trader will be disqualified, any participant who frequently opens and cancels orders within a few minutes will be disqualified and all participants trading from the same IP will be disqualified.

Lyn: Wow~ There are so many various kinds of competitions we can participate in! Can’t wait to register ASAP

Q4: How about the rewards? How much total prize pool and how about the calculation? And yes, can you explain the timeline of this Bitget KCGI event?

A4: Nice question! The TOTAL PRIZE POOL The three main prize pools are for Individual Competition (up to 2,000,000 USDT), Team Battle (up to 100 BTC) and Invitation Competition (260,000 USDT). You can decide the prize pool size: The more teams and individuals join the competition, the bigger the prize pool.

Wait! Not only that one, we also have another prize pool! There are additional rewards for KCGI participant: Early bird rewards: Users who register in the first 48 hours of the registration period and complete their KYC will each receive 50 USDT as trading bonus;

Golden ball awards: Captains of the three teams with the most valid participants will get a jersey with a football star’s autograph;

Golden boot awards: Users who register during the competition period and have the highest P/L ratio will get a jersey with a football star’s autograph;

Golden glove awards: Users who make the most valid referrals will get a jersey with a football star’s autograph;

Daily lucky draw: After the competition starts, three users with a trading volume of more than US$100,000 on the previous day will be randomly chosen to receive US$1,000 in fan tokens.

For the Lucky Draw we will draw at 2:00 PM every day.

Lyn: Thank you for your detailed explanation!

Q5: How about Team Battle? So we can join the team battle? Can you share how to join Team Battle and the requirement to join team Battle?

A5: Team Battle is very interesting same with another competition, but here the rules of team battle, Each team must have at least 11 members by the start of the competition period, otherwise the team will be automatically disbanded and

Any team member in the Top 10 who does not have a total trading volume of 30,000 USDT by the end of the competition period and/or has a negative P/L ratio will not be considered for the team P/L ratio; If there are less than 10 members who qualify for the team P/L ratio, the total P/L ratio will still be divided by 10, so every team member should push to team winning!

If you are confused about choosing a great team, we have recommendations for you!
Here the most famous and big team you can join:

Lyn: Thanks for sharing! I bet we have lots of audience members interested in joining team Battle now!

Thank you guys for being here. Have a nice day!